Yoga Teacher Training at Dragonfly Yoga

What to Expect at the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Dragonfly Yoga

Laura Tyree is excited to open a world of opportunities in 2019 with its Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hour (RYT 200hr) Yoga Teacher Training Program beginning in February. This nine month journey into the world of Yoga Teacher Training will transform you into a new you by the end of this program. With over 20 years in development and hundreds of people certified to teach yoga, Laura's Yoga Teacher Training program is unlike any other in the area. Whether you want to be a yoga teacher or just have the yearning to learn more about the mystical world of yoga, this Yoga Teacher Training program will take your practice deeper and give you a greater appreciation for yourself and your life.

"There is an unspoken, yet divine interaction that occurs within that leads to greater peace and understanding," stated Laura Tyree, owner and primary trainer at Dragonfly Yoga. "With our Yoga Teacher Training program, you will receive the knowledge of teaching an empowering, safe yoga class along with tools to connect and continue to grow and learn."

Whether you seek to deepen your individual yoga practice or learn the art of yoga teaching with integrity and grace, this yoga teacher training program and its teachers provide the sacred space, wisdom, and support necessary for you to blossom and grow along your own unique Yogic path. You are not required to become a teacher in this program. Students will be immersed in the study, practice and lifestyle of yoga - changing habits, exploring your perceptions and maturing your inner self.

Students will retain their individual style and personal approach to the practice so their unique qualities will not be lost in repetitive language and dogmatic patterns. In the same way, there is still a mystery as to why yoga postures work to make you feel better. There is a mystery to how a person is transformed when they choose to go deeper into yoga.

If you are interested in attending this 200 hour yoga teacher training program, it is advised that you begin public yoga classes with Laura prior to the programs start. Her knowledge of your yoga practice will accelerate your learning and experience. Upon graduation, you will qualify for the Yoga Alliance YA200 registration.

Click here to get more information on the RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program and to download the application. Namaste!

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