About the Studio

Laura launched Dragonfly Yoga in the fall of 1999 one year before moving to the Emerald Coast. She had vacationed along the Emerald Coast for over a decade and found it incredibly beautiful yet rather void of a yoga community.

So, in the fall of 2000. Laura began classes at the Destin Community Center and quickly establishing the first studio. It was thriving immediately! And to her surprise 65% of her clients were driving from Fort Walton Beach. That led Laura to open the second studio in Downtown Fort Walton Beach. A larger facility with a quiet location right in the middle of downtown.

Dragonfly Yoga continues to thrive!

We love our clients from all over… who come to participate in workshops, teacher trainings, and public classes.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support her and make her the beautiful place that she is!


A Message from Laura

© Dragonfly Yoga | Image Credit: Jessica Cuadra

My favorite part of the asana practice is that slow sinking inward. The busy mind gets left on the bus, thank God, and the timeless aspect of Being rises. I don't feel it happening every time, but I feel the effects always. The deep pause within a hurried day. The quiet realization of a direction to take. Even in my most stressful times, that inward journey fortifies my system. Don't mistake that I have some crazy wild practice either. The standing poses and common asanas all carry lifetimes of information and healing.

So go to your mat.
Find your slow sinking inward.
Yogi. Heal thy self.

Have an incredible life today. See you at Dragonfly.

~ Laura Tyree, owner, director