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Dragonfly Yoga Studio Fort Walton Beach

Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Fort Walton Beach Fl is a classic, revitalizing yoga studio. We offer a variety of yoga classes with a flexible schedule and inspiring, experienced yoga teachers. Enjoy yoga classes for all fitness levels, including yoga for beginners, restorative yoga, active / flow classes and even an Honor Class which is free for members of the military and their family members. Dragonfly Yoga Studio proudly serves the Destin, Navarre, Crestview, Niceville areas as well as local military bases.
Dragonfly Yoga Classes vary from active to gentle. Active classes feature active postures that exhilarate and de-stress. Easy classes offer an easier pace and a blend of active and passive poses. Chill classes involve restorative, minimal movements and quiet postures.
Most yoga classes begin with a warm up, a solid practice, a cool down and ending with a relaxing savasana, the resting pose that revitalizes and refreshes the body, post practice. You will experience poses that will strengthen the focus of the mind and support the five essential aspects of the body. The spine, the hips, the shoulders, the core abdominals, and the neck are all brought to a uniform balance leading to a supple and vital body. The restorative classes....called chill...are designed to ease the nervous system and reduce mental and emotional stress through quietness and easy, peaceful postures.
Click below to learn about our specific yoga classes and conveniently sign up for a class online. Prices for yoga classes include drop-in rates and unlimited monthly class passes.

We welcome you to Stabilize, Energize and Revitalize.

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