Hope and Expectation

Yoga Teacher Inspirations by Laura Tyree from Dragonfly Yoga Studio Fort Walton Beach

Recently my teacher reminded me to release my expectations to outcomes. And for the first time with a particular circumstance, that became real. Not just a mental construct....a true action. It was pure anguish, like I was being asked to remove an actual part of myself. It quickly colored Everything I carried an expectation for.....and so confusing...why was I feeling like this. There was nothing left to do but ride the wave. Ever had to do that? I know you have. It’s the human condition.

Here's what I found that is so pivotal. I hope it helps you. As I sat with these feelings in yoga meditation, I began to see two distinct aspects. Hope. And Expectation. It was interesting holding them side by side like that. Hope has a lot of space around it. It is organic, mutable, vast and actually seated in the present moment. Expectation, however, is sharp, directional, and grows more dense as it travels through time and space. It is rooted in the future, but not just the future, a very limited, exacting, linear future.

Whoa. Is that what I'm doing. Confusing the two. Have I ever even had hope? I dug through some old writings, re-visited some old disappointments. Meditated on different times of my life.

Somewhere in my twenties, it began to shift. I began layering the characteristics of expectation over the truth of hope. This was a subtle shift, taking decades to manifest and finally be felt within that moment with my teacher.

Now that there is this clarity, Wow. What a freedom. What a powerful relief. As this new understanding filters through me, I'm finding so many things coming together. Life is making even more sense. Becoming even more beautiful.

I offer this story in Hope that it helps you or helps you understand someone in your life. It has truly been a great blessing. The perfect gift from the Creator.

Blessings for a wonderful Holiday.

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