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Young Living Essential  Oils Tracy Griffith December 2014
January Energy Medicine with Felicia McQuaid
January Kundalini Master Teacher Stacey Vann
February Asana with the Amazing Ashley Hunt
March Sanskrit Expert Rhonda Kuster
April Teacher Training with Doug Keller
June Kripalu Yoga with Moira Miller
August Energy Medicine with Felicia McQuaid
November Yoga Philosophy with Doug Keller

Doug Keller Teacher Training April 2015 !!!


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Our mission:

To direct people to the realization that health and wholeness are activated from within; that life and healing come from within; and ultimately, that the liberation of the self manifests through Grace and Self-acceptance.

"My favorite part of the asana practice is that slow sinking inward.
The busy mind gets left on the bus, thank God, and the timeless 
aspect of Being rises.  I don't feel it happening every time, 
but I feel the effects always.  The deep pause within a hurried day.
The quiet realization of a direction to take.  Even in my most stressful 
times, that inward journey fortifies my system. Don't mistake that I have some crazy wild practice either. The standing poses and common asanas all carry lifetimes of information and healing.  

So go to your mat. 
Find your slow sinking inward.
Yogi.  Heal thy self.

Have an incredible life today. See you at Dragonfly."

 Laura Tyree, owner, director

Eventually..... activity settles into silence.....chaos into stillness...... doubt into faith....limit into freedom.    Evolution comes a step at a time.     ~lkt
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