The Road to Gratitude is Cleared with Forgiveness

Yoga Teacher Inspirations by Laura Tyree of Dragonfly Yoga Studios Fort Walton Beach

What an amazing year it has been for us all. Don't you agree?

There is a collective hope rising.
If you don't yet feel it, don't worry. It is coming for you, too.

I had the great pleasure to be inspired by the journey of a friend who rose above cancer, fear, denial, and self struggle. During her process she had a distinct shift that was palpable. I thought she had gotten good news, but not yet.  She shared a book she was using to forgive herself, her life difficulties, and the people in the story.

I was so moved I got it too. As the traits of un-forgiveness slipped off, a simultaneous gratitude started rising for me. It felt like a long process...but was only a few months. Clearly it continues as I let go of and recapture....well....LIFE.

So thank you Linda. And thank you to all who share and heal at Dragonfly Yoga.  You are a blessing beyond words, time, and space.


~ Laura

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