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Dragonfly Yoga Studies by Laura Tyree in Fort Walton Beach. Dragonfly Yoga Studies offers an extensive, comprehensive, and enriching Yoga certification training program tailored to both aspiring teachers and serious students of all levels. Whether you seek to deepen your individual practice or learn the art of teaching with integrity and grace, this program and its teachers provide the sacred space, wisdom, and support necessary for you to blossom and grow along your own unique Yogic path.

We love our clients from all over who come to participate in yoga workshops, yoga teacher training, yoga certification classes and public yoga classes. Dragonfly Yoga welcomes everyone from surrounding areas including Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Crestview, Pensacola, Navarre and Hurlburt Military Base. Dragonfly Yoga is honored to offer free and special classes for all members of the military.

May 2019 Dragonfly Yoga News & Yoga Class Specials

Welcome to May from the Dragonfly Yoga Studio in downtown Fort Walton Beach. The new month brings new yoga class specials and workshops for new and existing yoga students. April showers bring May flowers and our yoga instructors are blossoming with love and inspiration for their yoga classes. "Let us live simply outside, and be…
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4am | Dragonfly Yoga Teacher Inspirations

A serene inspiration by yoga teacher and the brainchild behind Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Fort Walton Beach, Laura Tyree: I don't want day to come I want ever-night. I want to suspend this sacred time My body worn, grows whole again My mind, restless, restores in this dark. The candle cuts the thickest of it.…
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The Question | Dragonfly Yoga Teacher Inspirations

Inward reflection by Laura Tyree, yoga teacher and brainchild behind Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Fort Walton Beach: The question really is, can you be alone. Can you be alone with yourself. Not alone in the car with music playing or alone with your latest thoughts playing. Can you be alone with yourself with no distractions.…
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Fill Up Today | Dragonfly Yoga Teacher Inspirations

A deep reflection by Yoga teacher and brainchild of Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Fort Walton Beach, Laura Tyree: You get a chance to fill up today.  You can fill up with your worries, your indecisions, your regrets.....or you can choose another path.  Fill up with purpose, fill up with authenticity, fill up with a kindness…
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