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Laura Tyree launched Dragonfly Yoga in the fall of 1999, one year before moving to the Emerald Coast. She had vacationed around the Destin Florida area for over a decade and found it incredibly beautiful yet rather void of a yoga community. Laura Tyree experienced firsthand the benefits of yoga after a cycling accident in 1986, which began a lifelong relationship with the practice. She was passionate about sharing the benefits of the practice of the mind and yoga with the Northwest Florida area.

Hope and Expectation

Yoga Teacher Inspirations by Laura Tyree from Dragonfly Yoga Studio Fort Walton Beach Recently my teacher reminded me to release my expectations to outcomes. And for the first time with a particular circumstance, that became real. Not just a mental construct....a true action. It was pure anguish, like I was being asked to remove an…
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Mantra Meditation for Mind and Soul

Mantra Yoga Meditation by Laura Tyree of Dragonfly Yoga Studio Fort Walton Beach This is a daily practice; morning and evening. To clear the mind creates an avenue for the emotional and mental bodies to come to equanimity. The use of sound as a healing agent has been used for millennia. Chanting mantra focuses the…
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