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Laura Tyree launched Dragonfly Yoga in the fall of 1999, one year before moving to the Emerald Coast. She had vacationed around the Destin Florida area for over a decade and found it incredibly beautiful yet rather void of a yoga community. Laura Tyree experienced firsthand the benefits of yoga after a cycling accident in 1986, which began a lifelong relationship with the practice. She was passionate about sharing the benefits of the practice of the mind and yoga with the Northwest Florida area.

Dragonfly Yoga Studio | A New You in 2019

Happy New Year from Dragonfly Yoga Studio! Laura Tyree began the New Year with a New Year, New You Restorative Class at her downtown Fort Walton Beach yoga studio. The yoga class was about celebrating and embracing who you really are. Laura discussed the process towards a New You: Acceptance, Action, Patience, Transformation. Transformation begins…
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Amazing Sun | Dragonfly Yoga Teacher Inspirations

Dragonfly Yoga Studies | Inspirations by Laura Tyree Isn't it amazing that the earth is still turning… after a 13.8 billion year beginning. The sun is still sitting in the sky. Gravity is perfect. Not so much that we can't move our feet and not to little that we can't keep our feet on the…
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Yoga Teacher Training at Dragonfly Yoga

What to Expect at the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Dragonfly Yoga Laura Tyree is excited to open a world of opportunities in 2019 with its Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hour (RYT 200hr) Yoga Teacher Training Program beginning in February. This nine month journey into the world of Yoga Teacher Training will transform you into…
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Your Choice | | Dragonfly Yoga Teacher Inspirations

Dragonfly Yoga Studies | Inspirations by Laura Tyree Yoga offers many benefits beyond your physical body; it is a psychology. The deeper roots of the practice offer many emotional and mental benefits. Laura Tyree, the brainchild behind Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Fort Walton Beach, shares her latest yoga inspirations. If you’d like… This can be…
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