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Yogi Know Thyself

I love conversations with my teacher Prudence. She is my meditation teacher. Recently she reminded me that as a householder yoga student, (this means a person living in and among the world while still in the state of practice with yoga) it is fine for me to desire things. "It is the dharma of the…
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The Question

The question really is, can you be alone. Can you be alone with yourself. Not alone in the car with music playing or alone with your latest thoughts playing. Can you be alone with yourself with no distractions. Just you and your yoga mat..... just you and the intimacy of your own mind. Can you…
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Fill Up Today

You get a chance to fill up today.  You can fill up with your worries, your indecisions, your regrets.....or you can choose another path.  Fill up with purpose, fill up with authenticity, fill up with a kindness for this life, born out of your own struggles.  We are all here to do our part on…
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