Hasta Mudrās

Dragonfly Yoga Studio Video by Laura Tyree

The Practice of Hasta Mudras

Dragonfly Yoga Studio owner and instructor Laura Tyree provides a brief introduction to Hasta Mudrās. What are Hasta (hand) Mudras? Certain placement of the fingers and hands and the palms generated a certain effect in the nervous system. The reason why is because the nerves of the spinal cord end in our hands and feet and our ears. Anytime you manipulate these nerve endings you affect change, similar to acupuncture. The mudras create a communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

Hasta Mudras work amazingly well with adults and even children. Laura Tyree keeps the mudras very simple, with kids its called finger play. Simple finger play helps to steady the nervous system. The attention that it takes is very powerful in helping children. For the older generation, there are madras that help with stiff hands and help create dexterity. For everyone else, you can use these mudras to sustain your life, to assist with your life when you feel ungrounded, anxious, aggressive. That's why Laura calls mudras medicine.

Learn more about Laura Tyree's Hasta Mudras techniques at Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Fort Walton Beach or contact us here.

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  1. Laura, I've recently thought about how nice it would be to visit your studio and enjoy your class. As I check your website, I am delighted because I see you and listen to your message on mudra concepts. I'm truly grateful for you sharing positive experiences and meditations with your fingers/hand. Thank you for your kind efforts! love and light, Jamie
    • Laura Tyree
      So happy you are enjoying the site and materials. Come visit Dragonfly!
    • Laura Tyree
      I love the mudra! I've been experimenting with them in a variety of ways. Lately with my Gratitude process. they are so rewarding. Especially the heart related ones. I'll post again soon!

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