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The Road to Gratitude is Cleared with Forgiveness

What an amazing year it has been for us all. Don't you agree? There is a collective hope rising. If you don't yet feel it, don't worry. It is coming for you, too. I had the great pleasure to be inspired by the journey of a friend who rose above cancer, fear, denial, and self…
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Hand Mudras

The definition of mudra carries many meanings. A seal. A gesture. A symbol. A position of the hand or hands. Dristis (eye positions), asana (body postures) and even Pranayama (breathing rhythms) are also called mudras. Each of these lead to higher states or consciousness, and affect not only the mind and spirit connection, but the…
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Mantra Meditation for Mind and Soul

This is a daily practice; morning and evening. To clear the mind creates an avenue for the emotional and mental bodies to come to equanimity. The use of sound as a healing agent has been used for millennia. Chanting mantra focuses the mind. The movement of sound waves coupled with the intention of the mind,…
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My Favorite Part of the Asana Practice

My favorite part of the asana practice is that slow sinking inward. The busy mind gets left on the bus, thank God, and the timeless aspect of Being rises. I don't feel it happening every time, but I feel the effects always. The deep pause within a hurried day. The quiet realization of a direction to take.…
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