500 RYT – Florida

500 RYT - Florida

Yoga Teacher Training at Dragonfly Yoga Studio Fort Walton Beach

500YA = 200ya + 300



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Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Fort Walton Beach offers an extensive, comprehensive, and enriching Yoga teacher training program tailored to the 200YA student (RYT 200) who is registered with Yoga Alliance and in compliance with their standards. This program and its teachers provide the sacred space, wisdom, and support necessary for you to blossom and grow along your own unique yogic path. This 270 hr hands-on training includes the following:

The asana practice and teaching modalities include a strong and eclectic blend of hatha yoga.

Instructors: Doug Keller, Laura Tyree, Moira Anderson

Learn anatomy and physiology and its relationship to yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation through the wisdom of Doug Keller. Including injury and surgery recovery.

Instructors: Doug Keller, Laura Tyree, Moira Anderson

Kripalu Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga using inner focus, meditation, standard yoga poses, breath work, “development of a quiet mind”and relaxation. Kripalu emphasizes “following the flow” of prana, compassionate, self-acceptance, observing the activity of the mind without judgment, and taking what is learned into daily life.

Instructors: Moira Anderson

A continued education into this ancient method of health and healing founded in India over 4,000 years ago. Treating the whole human system for optimal health and vitality. You will utilize this method through out the training and explore its power directly through your own experience.

Instructors: Prudence Bruns

The yoga tradition is steeped in thousands of years of history and fables. Woven together with lessons of morality, dedication, and service. A practical exploration is experienced through the entire year of practice.

Instructors: Doug Keller, Prudence Bruns

Dive into the depth of the ancient language of the yogis with this practical and energetic technique. Advance your practice and your knowledge beyond your expectations.

Instructors: Rhonda Kuster and Prudence Bruns

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Dragonfly Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

September 16 - 17 :: Sanskrit Language with Rhonda Kuster
October 31 – November 2 :: Doug Keller (Tues – Thurs, daytime 12n – 5p)
November 3 – 5 :: Doug Keller (Fri pm – Sun)
December Holiday

January 13-14 :: Stacey Vann - Kundalini Yoga
February 17-18 :: Moira Anderson - Kripalu Yoga
March 17-18 :: Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Krama
April 14-15 :: Prudence Bruns - Philosophy and Sanskrit
May 12-13 :: Ropes and Restorative
June 9 – 10 :: Moira Anderson - Kripalu Yoga
July 14 – 15 :: Self Awakening Yoga with Melissa Shalongo
August 4 - 6 :: TBA
September 8 – 9 :: Prudence Bruns - Philosophy and Sanskrit
October 6 – 7 :: Moira Anderson - Kripalu Yoga
November 3 – 4 :: Anatomy, Meditation, Nutrition, Asana, CPR
December 1 – 2 :: TBA

January 12th :: Graduation (required for attendance

Dragonfly Yoga Teacher Training Certification Costs

Non-refundable deposit with application - $500
Early Bird - $3700 [500 deposit + 3200 = 3700] After August 31st - $4200 [500 deposit + 3700 = 4200]

Payment plans are available

*Yoga Teacher Training Costs include manual and contact hours
** READING LIST books required for the program are additional costs
***ADDITIONAL costs include 30 hours for workshop credits for YA requirements

- Completion of required hours
- Regular home and studio practice
- Exit Examination/Paper

Dragonfly Yoga Teacher Training Instructors

> Doug Keller, ERYT500
I came to teach hatha yoga by way of the yoga of meditation and years of academic study of philosophy, both eastern and western. In my studies of philosophy at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown and in my graduate work at Fordham University, I gravitated toward the senior Jesuit scholars whose excellence, open-minded intellectual zeal, spiritual fervor and personal integrity inspired me to dig deeply into my own studies, particularly of the classical philosophers and Christian mystics, and treat them as a personal journey of discovery.

As I completed my coursework for my PhD and taught at several colleges, I was increasingly aware that I was looking for more than philosophical ideas and systems -- I was looking for the experience itself that the mystics were talking about.

At the time I was finishing my coursework, I met the meditation master Swami Muktananda during his last tour of the west, and he gave me the connection, the practice, the awakening and the understanding I was seeking. With that, it was up to me to step through the door he had opened, not through concepts and theories, but through yoga.

I halted my academic career just short of writing my thesis, and went to India in 1986 to practice yoga at his ashram and to offer my service. I spent a total of 7 years in the Ganeshpuri ashram, Gurudev Siddha Peeth, and 14 years of service overall in Siddha Yoga ashrams in the US and abroad, studying and practicing yoga, working in the kitchen and gardens, and teaching hatha yoga.

It was during my time in Ganeshpuri that I met John Friend while he was yet an Iyengar teacher who had come to study in Pune. We struck up a friendship and I was able to practice with him when I came back to the states, study further with him, and assist in his classes, workshops and trainings for the next few years.

The time of my growth in the practice of hatha yoga was divided between individual practice at the ashram in India, and opportunities to study with teachers and expand during time spent at the ashram in New York state. There I was able to study with other teachers and in a number of styles — but principally with Kevin Gardiner, who is a certified senior level Iyengar teacher.

Kevin was the most influential to me in my growth, because of his deep insight into anatomy and physiology, his facility with precise instruction and demonstration, and the integrity with which he stays true to his chosen tradition, exploring its depth while exercising his own very individual and discriminating intellect, manifesting the heart of a yogi in his practice and teaching.

Yet because my own path was more closely tied to Siddha Yoga at the time, I was more deeply involved in the development of the Anusara system. John Friend shared with me the evolution of his thinking based principally upon the alignment teachings of the Iyengar system, and his synthesis of those teachings eventually manifested as the Anusara style of yoga he founded in 1997.

I was one of the first teachers certified as an Anusara teacher by John Friend, and taught in the Anusara style for over 7 years. At his suggestion, early on I wrote Anusara Yoga: Hatha Yoga in the Anusara Style, and continued to develop that book until Mr. Friend chose to consolidate his authority over the system and discouraged its further use among teachers seeking certification in his style.

Eventually I was forced to give up my certification in that style, which freed me to further deepen my study and understanding of the therapeutic aspects of yoga as well as well as explore the yoga tradition as a whole outside of the confines of the Anusara system.

In addition to teaching the postural practice of hatha yoga as well as pranayama and meditation, I have chosen as my focus the realm of Yoga as Therapy, which is an evolving field that promises to be a vital part of the future of yoga.

The expansion of yoga beyond the practices taught in more ancient times is, to me, an expression of the freedom at the heart of yoga and of consciousness itself. This freedom was described in tantric philosophy as not simply 'liberation' or 'moksha,' but 'Swatantrya' — the freedom of Consciousness to expand and create through its own inspiration. Yoga as an expression of this is not bound to antiquity, but inherently contains the inspiration to evolve for the sake of the good.

I found the essence of this inspiration to be expressed by Swami Muktananda, who first initiated my journey into yoga: 'God dwells within you, as you, for you. See God in yourself and in each other.' All knowledge and experience is illuminated by that presence and source of inspiration.

I choose the word 'Swatantrya,' the yoga of one's own inner expansion and awakening, not to establish yet another 'style' of yoga, but to express the essence and character of what yoga promises to be.

Yoga concerns our own relationship to the Self from whom we came. It is deeply personal, experiential, and ultimately unmediated by any system of conceptual thought. The teachings of yoga simply provide us with the introduction to our own Self.

Philosophy provides the contemplation and focus that help us to aim more deeply into the experience.

In the end, the 'breakthrough' we experience is what the Christian mystic Meister Eckhart described as the breakthrough into our own heart, where the Divine most fully dwells. This is the teaching I want to share, along with the practices and means offered by yoga to support that inward journey.

I travel nationally and internationally offering workshops and teacher trainings. I've traveled from one end of the United States to the other, and my international travels have included teacher trainings in Europe as well as Asia. My home base is at the Health Advantage Yoga Center in Herndon, Virginia, near Dulles outside of Washington D.C., where I teach upper level classes.

> Prudence Bruns
Prudence followed an early interest in meditation and yoga in 1966 at the age of 18 when she started Transcendental Meditation®. In 1966-67, she studied with Swami Satchidananda to be a yoga instructor, eventually opening and running the Integral Yoga Institute in Boston. In 1968, she went to India to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and was made a teacher of Transcendental Meditation®. It was at this course that she met the Beatles and they wrote the song “Dear Prudence” about her. After marrying and while raising a family, she began working in film as Art Department Coordinator for Woody Allen, and as a producer with artists such as Andy Kaufman, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel, award winning directors Bruce Beresford and Alan Bridges and Tony award winning writer Hugh Leonard. She is best known for originating and developing the feature film Widow’s Peak, starring her sister, Mia Farrow, Joan Plowright and Natasha Richardson. She received co-producing credit.

While continuing to teach Transcendental Meditation® over the many years, Prudence’s interest in yoga never wavered. After raising 3 children, she returned to school receiving her PhD in South Asian Studies, Sanskrit, from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2007.

She has published her memoir, Dear Prudence: The Story Behind the Song, a book on Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis along with articles on South Asian studies, world religion, Ayurvedic medicine and healthy living for academic journals and magazines. She has presented at numerous conferences such as at Harvard University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Hawaii, University of California at Berkeley and taught courses at UC Berkeley and Rutgers University.

She and her husband live in Seagrove Beach and have three children and four grandchildren.

> Laura Tyree ERYT500, MA 68035, Director Dragonfly Yoga Studies
How might one describe Laura Tyree? Sincere introspection infused with warm humor, dynamic energy, and tenacious perseverance are all trademarks of Laura and her teaching style.

Laura encourages her students to utilize their yoga practice in a multitude of ways. Many deepen their awareness of self and open fully to their unique beauty and strength, both inner and outer. Her teachings grow and blossom as her life transforms. Blend these cherished traits with her unique approach to the eight-limb path, mantra meditation, anatomy, and psychology and then one can grasp the full, organic richness of her yogic style. On this journey, she combines hand mudras with asana, linking the breath, mantra, energetic clarity, and spiritual concepts to flow richly into a timeless experience of yoga and the self.

Laura Tyree first trained with Jan Campbell and the rigorous Iyengar Yoga Method in 1986, while recovering from a sports related injury from college. She began teaching in 1990 after meeting teachers Erich Schiffmann and Rodney Yee. Internal awareness, breath, and compassionate purpose lead her to deepen her practice and her studies.

Co-founder of Yoga Source in Nashville TN (1996), she began to teach in earnest and found an even deeper love in the continued sharing of the yoga knowledge. After many years of practice and study with Rodney, Erich and other dedicated and renowned teachers, she continues to hone her teaching skills and explore her personal growth.

Laura opened the Florida doors of Dragonfly Yoga Studies January of 2001, consolidating her training programs into one, 10 month long teacher’s course. With her love of adventure and nature, she now travels to facilitate yoga asana workshops and teacher trainings throughout the Southeast, and enjoys teaching public classes and her teacher training programs in Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee. Laura's love of music and chanting lead to the release of several music and instructional CDs available on iTunes.

Her favorite teachers include: Erich Schiffmann, Rodney Yee, Colleen Yee, Jan Campbell, Janet Gormley, Doug Keller, Prudence Bruns, and Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati.

Laura is also a Reiki Master and Massage Therapist. Her chief modality is Myo-fascial Release Training from Master instructor John Barnes, a gentle, therapeutic form for healing fascia and the nervous system.

Laura’s clinic bio:
Laura's first introduction to massage therapy was in 1986. She had just begun practicing yoga when she suffered an automobile accident. Her yoga teacher suggested her recovery included massage therapy and chiropractic care. She dove into the study of anatomy to understand the trauma to her body, both from the accident, and the multiple injuries she experienced as an amateur athlete.

Laura believes that health and wholeness are activated from within; that healing comes through the release of stress from the body, and the mind. You can feel her many years of spiritual practice and yogic knowledge in her hands and her work. That knowledge, along with grace, clarity, presence, intuition, and client participation, create the path to health and healing we all seek to attain.

Laura is the owner of Dragonfly Yoga, and has been teaching since 1990.

  • 1986: Yoga begins. Introduction to massage therapy.
  • 1988: Introduction to healing energy modalities
  • 1996: Opens first yoga studio in Nashville, Tennessee
  • 2000: Young Living Essential Oils distributor
  • 2001: Opens Dragonfly Yoga in Florida
  • 2006: Begins Reiki Training
  • 2010: Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Training
  • 2012: Begins training in Jin Shin Jyutsu healing art
  • 2013: Completes Master Level Reiki Training
  • 2014: Myo-fascial Release, John Barnes Method

Laura is certified as a 500 CYT/RYT and is registered with Yoga Alliance at the ERYT 500 level.

Faculty of Teachers

> Moira Anderson CYT, ERYT 500, Certified Pilates Teacher, Director of River Rock Yoga
Moira is a Certified, Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer, registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-500 hour Level. Sharing her love of yoga with students, directing programs and workshops at River Rock Yoga, and teaching workshops regionally, is her joy and her passion. Moira's classes offer students compassionate self-observation, gentle alignment cues and empowering vinyasa flow. Breath awareness and exploratory, joint freeing movement are also emphasized. The nurturing environment she creates in her sessions, as well as her understanding of anatomy and physiology, inspire a healthy, open body and a focused, relaxed mind.

"I encourage students to make peace with their bodies and to recognize their innate wisdom, and wholeness in class, and in their lives."

Moira is continually inspired by the transformational, healing power, strength and peace generated by the practice of yoga. She sees the connection of mind, body and breath as means to be present in the here and now. Awareness of the present moment brings stillness and the ability to experience deep joy and contentment.

Moira is honored to have taken over 200 hours of alignment based yoga & philosophy workshops with Doug Keller. She has also studied with Erich Schiffman, and finds his freedom based yoga inspirational. Moira completed Shiva Rea's Vinyasa Flow Teacher training in 2004. It continues to be a major influence on her teaching style, as do her studies of Jivamukti yoga with Sharon Gannon & David Life. Moira teaches the energetic, body balancing core work of pilates, and is a Certified Pilates Instructor in the style of Balance Point Pilates.

Moira is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She spends two days a week teaching therapeutic yoga at a psychiatric center, using yoga to assist adults and adolescents dealing with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, ADHD and Substance Abuse.

An English literature graduate of The Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO, she minored in Performing Arts/Dance as well as Elementary Education, receiving an Elementary Teaching Certification.

Moira is a Certified Children's Yoga Teacher through The Asheville Yoga Center in Ashevile, North Carolina. She is co-director of the 200 hr Teacher Training Program at River Rock Yoga with Laura Tyree of Dragonfly Yoga, Fort Walton Beach, Fl., and co-teacher of the 500 hr program with J. J. Gormley of Surya Chandra Healing Yoga School.

> Stacey Vann ERYT500, Director Breathe Yoga Studio
Stacey Vann, Ravi Taj Kaur, is a Chicago Land native and certified E-RYT 500 yoga teacher. Stacey moved to Pensacola in 2004, and began teaching at the Avery Center in 2006. When the Avery center closed, Stacey began teaching at Abhaya Yoga Center, where she remained for 6 years before becoming an owner/director and teacher at Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center. Stacey is founder of the Mahabhuta Yoga Festival, the Gulf Coast's annual regional yoga festival, which took place for the first time in 2012 at Sanders Beach Community Center in Pensacola, and is also co-founder of Galactic Child, a kid’s yoga teacher training program along with her partner Christa Parent.

Stacey has been curiously exploring yoga since she was a child, and has dedicated her life to sharing this transformative and healing path. She believes that each of us is a reflection of the Divine, and that our bodies, our breath, and the practice are gifts to be appreciated.

For Stacey, yoga means celebrating presence, community, kindness, spirituality, and love for the purpose of elevating individual and collective consciousness and experiencing the freedom of knowing one’s purpose. In her classes, Stacey teaching style is infused with joy and laughter. She encourages her students to go with the flow, breathe deeply, move freely, live joyfully and shine radiantly.

Stacey completed her first yoga teacher training in 1997 and was the owner of Universal Spirit Yoga in Naperville, IL, for over 15 years. Stacey's yogic roots are steeped in 7 years of study in the Iyenger tradition. She was certified in the Iyengar tradition with Richard Schachtel and later earned her Kundalini Yoga certification in 2001 with Shiva Singh Khalsa and Shabd Kaur Khalsa. Stacey has also studied Spontaneous Yoga with Satyanand and completed a 100 hour immersion with Cat McCarthy. Stacey's inspiration comes as a blessing from each and every teacher she has had the pleasure of studying with including Yogi Bhajan, Dr. Geeta S. Iyengar, Ramanand Patel, Rodney Yee, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Chris Saudek, Doug Keller, Kim Schwartz, and many others who still influence her teaching style.

Stacey offers yoga classes for all ages from babies to grandparents. Her specialties include: Kundalini Yoga, yoga for pregnancy, babies, tots & tykes, kids of all ages, and teens. Stacey offers in depth study into the chakras, yogic philosophy, and alignment principles. She is available for private yoga instruction to guide a student into their optimal alignment and deepen their personal practice. Stacey offers doula services with over 15 years of service. She is a Young Living essential oil educator and distributor (#861670), professional life coach, and reflexologist. She lives in Pensacola, FL with her sons, Mishael & Dakota, and her loving husband, Matthew Vann, of Sails & Tails Kayak Charters. Sat Nam